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Top Future Laptop Concept You’ve Never Thought

Future laptop concept is what people waiting for. The laptop itself is really helpful to many people. There are a lot of advantages by having a laptop, it could help people finishing their jobs faster, it could give a lot of information, children could play game in it, and many more. The current laptop is good enough to help people, and how about the future laptop concept? It sure has a lot of amazing features that could help people more.

So here are some of the future laptop concept only for you:

Samsung Amoled

This amoled laptop has a small, thin, unique and elegant design. This laptop is also provided with a touchscreen keyboard and screen and it successfully making its design looks more futuristic.

Vaio Zoom

Vaio is also making an amazing future laptop concept. This laptop is provided with a clear glass screen that will show a holographic looks when its turned on.


The main concept of this laptop is that this laptop have a really good GPS that could lead its users to wherever they want to go accurately. And this laptop is also having a great storage that could keep a lot of photos and videos. This laptop also has a folded screen that could be used as keyboard.


This concept was made by Felix Schmidberger, this laptop has 2 slide touchscreen that give it a futuristic and elegant looks.


Rolltop has an unique shape. It looks like a sushi roll, if you want to use it you need to roll it out, and if you are done using it you could easily roll it back in.

Canvas Laptop

Canvas is laptop that made especially for designer. The design of this laptop is really a perfect suit for designer. It is really thin, and also provided with big and thin touchscreen.

That are some of the future laptops concept that people have made. Let’s just hope that these laptop would not only become a concept but will become reality. Because since laptop is one of the most important equipment that people need, it is really good to know that the laptop industries are starting to make a future laptop that completed with a lot of new features, looks and also with the newest technology. Hope this article could help you in finding more information about the future laptop concept.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew and the Delay

How does Star Trek: Bridge Crew sound to you? If you are a Trekkie and you are into the movie series so much, you will be excited with the news about the release. Unfortunately, the release will be delayed up to March 2017 instead of the original plan on the 29th of November 2016. But the delay isn’t a big thing. The developer said that there is nothing major about the delay. They only want to get a better preparation so there won’t be any complaint or problem after the release.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew and the Development

This Star Trek: Bridge Crew game is developed by Ubisoft and when we are talking about Ubisoft, you don’t need to question the quality of the game, do you? Everyone knows Ubisoft – including the non gamer individuals. And the idea of being able to command your own Star Trek ship is definitely exciting – at least for loyal and hardcore Trekkies.


In the game, this Star Trek: Bridge Crew idea to experience four different positions. You have to play the game as the engineer, the pilot, the captain, or the person responsible for the weapon. You also need to work together with your friends in the team to complete the mission. For now, the game is only available for the PS4 and the PC. But if you are lucky, the game will soon be available for other gaming consoles and platforms. Hopefully, Ubisoft is thinking about developing it.


As for the delay itself, Ubisoft has claimed that the response has been positive and the delay is just their way to make sure that everything has been properly addressed and checked. Yes, there has been some bug issues – the minor ones – and fixing the issues has become their first priority this day. For the real Trekkie gamers, they don’t really mind although they are a bit disappointed with the delay. But if it is for a better purpose (and also better playing game), they don’t really mind.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew and the Plot

Have you ever imagined commanding your own star ship? Well, in this game, you will be responsible for U.S.S Aegis and you need to remember that every decision made will determine the future of your mission and your crew. In this mission, you will have to explore The Trench with its natural beauty. However, the obstacle comes from the Klingon and their Empire. So, how is it going to be? Do you think you will be able to play this Star Trek: Bridge Crew in the most satisfying way?



Township Tips to Get Maximum Advantages

You may need some Township tips to be followed when you are playing the Township game. Aside from Township hack tool and cheat codes that can be used for ultimate win, these tips can also help you to get the advantages at maximum to experience more enjoyable game. So, let’s straightly go to the tips in the following section.

  • Using extra storage

In Township game, there is extra storage which is free to use. For instance, you could use Market for Extra Storage. The building products and barn space may be the limiting factors. However, you could use the first Township tips by using that Market as your extra storage.

  • Upgrading zoo buildings

The next tips are related to the zoo buildings. In order to boost the attributes, zoo could be upgraded as well. You can go simply to one of zoo buildings you have and then tap arrow button in the bottom corner of the right hand. Immediately, you will see the window which consists of upgrades list.

  • Adding more friends

The other Township tips in this section will give you benefits from your friends. Firstly, you need to add more friends into this game to get more boxes from the Market. The benefit you get is that you will be able to buy products as needed easily. This will help for the needs of your plane, your trains, and customer’s orders. Some other players are also helping friends too by buying some goods from Market. By having more friends, you are going to see their request for help. By filling those requests, you will obtain a clover. You are allowed to play House of Luck when you have obtained five clovers. Besides, your friends will also see your help request as well. This benefit is handy for sending back the plane and train faster.

Township game shows that maximum friends you may get are as much as three hundred friends. However, you could have more friends that you want in Game Center, Windows, or other versions, but some probably will not show all the time on your game. You should also remember to consider about in-game friends you have. Your friends are still able to see you on their game. If there are some invisible friends that help you, automatically they are going to be shown on your tab of recent helpers. Township tips will help you to get more friends in Android. You can firstly send an invitation to them. By using the application, go to Friends icon at bottom left and then click. You are going to see Invite Friends in the bottom and click it. This way you will be able to find another player.

Roblox Tips You Should Try

There will be always tips and cheats for popular games. Well, this includes Roblox, a massive online game that always capture its fans’ hearts. This game from Roblox Corporation enables you to create your own virtual world and even create your own games. The following are Roblox tips for you.

  1. Flying things

In Roblox, other than planes, you can fly other objects as well. You can do it by inserting a skateboard, and then followed by inserting a plane tool. Now, you can ride your skateboard and fly it using the plane tool. You can also fly a mini tank; from the insert continue utilize the mini tank tool to drive it out of its base. Well, you can also see that it will hover.

  1. To Chat Easily

The second point of Roblox tips is to chat. If you want to chat and won’t be bother to use the usual command, press ‘/’ (without the apostrof). Type what you want to type, and then press the Enter button. You may get the easier view in the full screen mode as you could easily press the chat bar at the bottom.

  1. Trade Currency

To get robux, you can use trade currency. Just type in amount of robux you want and you can have feedback of how much you’ll have.

  1. Freezing the game

With this Roblox tips, you can easily freeze the game just by pressing CTRL and F1 simultaneously while the game is playing.

  1. Adding hair

You can add hair to your character by using ninja mask to roll your character’s head.

  1. Dancing

You can make your character dancing just like Michael Jackson by pressing and holding Up Arrow button and S button, so your character will do moonwalking.

  1. Gaming Time

Actually, you can only play for 45 minutes in a Roblox game.


  1. Robloxia news

If you are really into a Roblox game, then you should always check the news on the game.

  1. Need a shirt, pants, or a hat?

For a newcomer, this Roblox hack might could of any help. If you do not have the money yet to have one, you could easily go to the query and look for a snowman head. There will be no cost for that, and it’s so easy.

  1. Zombie riot

Make a hilarious zombie riot by using copier tools then followed by Delete tool, and click the zombie. You will see that the zombies will pop up from the ground.

Now, you know several Roblox tips. You might want to try for your next session of gaming. Have fun with the game and these tips are arsenals you’ve already known. Game Guide is one of the most addictive and simplest games on the mobile devices and internet that are available nowadays. For those of you who do not know about this game yet, or maybe you have heard this game from your friends, this article will give you guide for beginners about the everything that you have to know about the game such as how to play. is new mobile game which is very addictive that combines the snake classic game with a couple of factors form the well-known Agario mobile and web browser. At this amazing game you are snake rather than a blob and the purpose of this game is become the longest and biggest snake in this game.

How to Play

It is very simple to play First of all you just have to visit the web address of on your desktop computer or you can also download the game from the Google Play Store or Apple on your mobile devices. After that you have to choose your user name. After you sign in, you will be on the black board as a tiny worm. The dots should be consumed that is lying around in order to become a longer snake, while preventing other snakes. It is different from Agario because the snake size in does not give you an advantage. The real fact is that you can be killed by any size of any snake. They will give you head butt or eat any part of you. You will turn into a huge coloured dots line which can be gobbled up by other snakes, if you run into them. It is simple to move the snake in this game. For those of you who are using computers of laptop, you just have to hold down the right or left arrows in order to navigate around. For those of you who are using mobile, you just have to tap your finger if you are in the direction that you want to reach.

In order to get a couple of skins in this game, you just have to log into the desktop model of this game and you will find options for sharing on the social media on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. After you share it, you have to go back to the and you can find the option to Change skin in the lower left-hand corner.


SimCity Buildit Tips for the Best Layout

Simcity Buildit, a game developed by Electronic Arts, is build-type game where you are required to build a city and keep the citizen’s happiness. Your role is such like a major of city. In building the city, you need to notice about layout. Thus, this article serves you Simcity Buildit tips for creating the best layout.

Since this game is related to building, you need to act like as an architect as well to get the effective and efficient structures. SimCity Buildit tips for layout may help you to organize the best placement of building including home, factories, and public facilities. Besides, the layout of the road should also be noticed. All is aimed to fulfill the citizen’s happiness and get the assets of Simoleons and SimCash as well as golden key, though. Here are the tips.

First, it’s about building up homes. When you intend to build up new home, it will be better to designate the larger space of home. It aims for decrease the pollutant area. Moreover, placing homes close to each other makes you easily produce the keys. Then, you should keep in your mind about the principle of building homes. When you built up the home by just improving the existing home, the population may be increased but not for homes utility. On the other side, if you build up home by advantaging new home utility, the demand may be increased.

The second point of SimCity Buildit tips are about the best layout to build factories. Factories hold the important role in this game because they are able to produce products or goods to improve homes upgrading. Indeed, they also have function to keep the game in moving forward. The better factories you build up, the better the goods will be produced. As the level increases, you need to build up the larger space of factories building. Firstly, you need to bulldoze older buildings. By bulldozing, you will get the refund 50%, the refunds will also add your asset. In addition, to add your assets, you may need SimCity Buildit Hack for alternative.

Actually, there are still many buildings you need to notice. There are public services and facilities. For public services, they are included fire, police, and hospital. You need to build up them out of the radius to save the Simoleons. Furthermore, for public facilities such as park and landmark, those can increase the tax income. By far, the SimCity Buildit tips in lay outing the building just require you placing and moving the building strategically.

Attractive New Features On Instagram That Make Sharing More Fun

There are many online services for sharing mobile photo and video either publicly or privately with family and friends only, one of them is instagram. Many online users like to share their photos through instagram. They like to share their photography skills and show it off from their beautiful shots on instagram. Distinctive feature of instagram is the picture to be uploaded has to be a square shape, similar to Polaroid SX-70 images. Just like many other applications, new features on instagram are added to make it easier for the users operating it. The changes are made gradually. The first change of the feature on instagram is to allow the users to upload their photos in any aspect ratio, not confining them anymore to square shape only. Originally the video to be uploaded on instagram is restricted to 30 seconds but now video can be uploaded up to 60 seconds or one minute.

New features on instagram is good idea to keep the current users happy and satisfied as well as to attract other new users. Updating the features on instagram is good to maintain the loyalty of the users and it did succeed to attract many new online users. Some new features on instagram are more filters available for editing photos, new edit features such as; adjust the tilting of photos, level of brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, colour, fade, highlights, shadows, vignette, tilt shift, and sharpen. Moreover, you can also share your story on instastory like in snapchat application, adding some effect and writings to the photo or video. This feature only allows you to share photo or video which is taken within 24 hours from your mobile device camera. The photo or video that you have shared on instastory is available to be seen only for 24 hours after you uploaded it. Once the instastory has passed 24 hours, the posting will be deleted automatically. However, this feature does not have various filter effects like in snapchat application.

Recently, instagram has added a new feature to the instastory. One of new features on instagram is called “boomerang”. Boomerang create a mini video from shoots of 10 photos that could loop back and forth. This new feature allows users to take mini videos using the front and back facing camera. It captures 10 photos immediately when you hold the button then put those pictures together and turned them into a mini video could loop back and forth. The posting from boomerang on instastory is available only for 24 hours.

Pixel Gun 3D Cheats to Get Gems and Coins

This post will explain about Pixel Gun 3D cheat in order to get gems and coins that are unlimited. The best thing about this Pixel Gun 3D cheat is that it can be used from all of the devices such as iOS or Android, tablet or phone or even from your laptop or PC, you do not have to worry because it comes with the best technology nowadays.

Features of Pixel Gun 3D Cheats

There are a couple of great features that you can get form this Pixel Gun 3D hack tool. You can add a couple of coins that are unlimited for free. Besides that gems that are unlimited can also be added for free. This Pixel Gun 3D cheat is anonymous, undetectable, and safe. This hack tool is based on browser, so that you do not have to download the program or mod.

How to use Pixel Gun 3D Cheat

First of all you have to tap or click one of the buttons of Go to Hack with orange color in order to move to the online cheat interface. After that you have to put your username and then you have to connect to the generator. And then, you can enter gems and coins that you want. The button of Add to Account should be entered and you have to wait for a couple of seconds. That is it. You can enjoy your resources that have been newly hacked.

Pixel Gun 3D is the game that has been operated for past couple of years as one of the best mobile games that are available in both Android and iOS. This game is like the classic FPS game such as doom, but this game is very different. The developers of the game also give the constant update in order to enhance the game. There are a couple of new features that you can get in the campaign mode such as better songs, new cool maps, better graphics, new training camp, and a couple of bug fixes which create for more challenging game play.

Pixel Gun 3D is the perfect game for those of you who want to play this game alone, or with a couple of your friends or with other persons from all over the world. This game will make you enjoy every single game play so that you will never know the time that you have been used.

How to Make Video Game


The development of game has been gained for a couple of years now, and it looks like many people like to make a video game. There is a couple of tools and support in order to help you who have no experience to learn how to make game according to your preference. You can learn how to make it yourself if there is no one who is creating what game that you want to play.

Practice and Never Give Up

You have to consider that learning how to develop and design game will spend a lot of time and you have to practice it. The first creation that you made will not look like the game which has been polished to you loves to play. This is not a big deal. You probably create a game which has bug that causes it to break. You have to know how to fix the problem. Prototype is what you are looking for. You are allowed to see how your game works, improve the design and create the foundation which you can build in order to create a full game

Pick the Tools

After you got your idea, it is the perfect time for you to get a simple and manageable game. This is the right time for you to pick the proper tools for you. There are a couple of tools that you can choose. This article is perfect for those of you who do not know how to deal with computer or do not have experience to create a program in your life. Those tools will help you to develop your experience to finish your first prototype. A couple of those tools have been pre-packaged with game examples and one of the perfect methods in order to learn the tool for the development of the game is to play around with them and find out how they work.

Graphics and Sounds

For those of you who are worried about sound, music, assets, and a couple of things that will make you create polished game, you have to calm down a little bit. There are a couple of websites that you can visit in order to solve this problem. OpenGameArt site will handle your art and you can find a couple of music websites such as SoundCloud to get your music scoring. In terms of sound, you can go to Freesound to find a couple of sounds that are suitable for your game.


Pokemon Go – Discover Pokemons in Real World!

Pokemon GO android and IOS

You guys know the game Pokemon Go that has gone viral, right? It’s what people talked about mostly though it has died down quite a bit. Well, you must have heard of the certain game unless you had been living under the rock. The particular game is the reason why people suddenly go out in the first place – it’s because of none other than Pokemon Go. The positive side is, you get to go out and get some fresh air but, with your stuck to the screen, you can bump into something! It’s best to avoid those kinds of situations. Yes, that’s why so many memes have been created and the reasons why the game is so popular. It’s an interesting game and it feels very rewarding to catch those little pokemons, right? Well, in turn, it’s very, very frustrating when you didn’t manage to catch it.

Pokemon Go Information

Pokemon Go is released in July 6, 2016 with the genre of Real World Adventure – hence the reason why it requires walking to the specific destination to get the pokemon. The platform of the Pokemon Go is iPhone and Android devices which make it easier if you want to go somewhere while playing it and when playing Pokemon Go, you will need a GPS feature which most Androids and iPhones have. The numbers of players vary and are not limited to a single player only. You can play multiplayers as well – together is more fun, right? But we have something more fun for you about using this Pokemon Go Hack For Android and iOS tool is not charged making it the best feature of all.


Pokemon Go – Pros and Cons

Like I’ve said before, Pokemon Go will benefit you since with this new game, you will be going out a lot in order to catch those cute little pokemons. However, it won’t mean much if your eyes are stuck to the screen all the time. Another pro you get while playing this is that, you might realize that the game gathers people and you may feel a sense of belonging as a part of the group. It’s easy to strike a conversation as well – especially if you were looking for someone special to date. But, sometimes, Pokemon Go can lead people to inappropriate areas and perhaps, you didn’t care because there’s a pokemon so, it doesn’t matter! Perhaps, some of you don’t realize it until you arrived at the place. Well, be respectful and aware of your own surroundings – this is for your safety! Also, beware of criminals because distracted person can be a target. Just make sure to be always aware and respectful when playing Pokemon Go, okay?

Boom Beach Hack and Cheat as A Key for Better Playing

Boom Beach hack and cheat is a combination of the key to reach better way of playing whenever the users want to use in Boom Beach. Although Boom Beach game is not as popular as Clash Royale but the players still want to have their best in playing the game. One of the ways is by using the hack tool or the cheat tool so that you can fool your game by having unlimited money and also unlimited gems to be used for speeding up all the progresses in the game you are up to.


Boom Beach


Boom Beach Hack and Cheat Simple Usage

Boom Beach hack and cheat is the handful and useful cheat tool for all players of Boom Beach who are scattered and spread all over the world. Although this game has less popularity than the Clash Royale, people are still craving for the best way for them to be used for having better way of playing the game. In fact, whenever you do the game normally, it takes weeks to gain new points to reach new level. Whatever the choice that you have in mind, all the decision is yours.

Boom Beach hack and cheat can be your latest solution for those who need the injection of money and gems. It is because these two things are the hardest things to earn during all kinds of online game. The money can be used for buying the stuff while the gems can be used for completing the long process and the missing sources can be completed as well. These gems are honestly available for those who cannot stand waiting for the long turn to complete the resource so that they can expand the building.

As a matter of fact, people might not need this kind of hack and cheat tool as long as they want to play fair. The usage of this hack and cheat tool is quite simple. First of all, you need to search all over the internet about the website which offers the features of the hack tool or the cheat tool. When you have found the one that has met your preferable, you can follow all the instruction mentioned on the website. It is because from a website with another, there would be different requirements. Finally, you can enjoy the game more comfortably because you have been aided by the Boom Beach hack and cheat.


Star Trek Timelines Review

There are lots of characters in the Star Trek Timelines video game including from Star Trek The Next Generation TV show, Enterprise and Voyager. You can mix them together as your away team to explore the unknown planet. However, do not hope too much since there are some incomplete in some parts of the game such as a holodeck simulation that still show certain the grid lines. The game also offers possibilities to mix events between eras. John de Lancie, playing as Q in the Star Trek TV series, is the voice actor for Q in the game that explain a temporal crisis in the game’s early stages that cause existence of the past and present at once. You will need to mix a crew from across the ages to fix the issue.


Star Trek Timelines


Star Trek Timelines Gameplay

A large crew is the important thing to survive. Each character has its own skills and traits to solve situations in the game. There are three different characters you can carry in the party and you should choose the best one. Skill in medicine, diplomacy, and technological expertise is mostly the ideal choice. The Star Trek Timelines story is lineal so there is no effect the decisions when solving problems to the way the story unfold. But, if you want to earn all possible rewards, it is best to replay missions several times and try different paths. But, it is possible to alter the balance of power going further at the end of an Episode as it let you choose which faction wins.

The game has some beautiful 3D graphics that offer great look to space battles though playing it is actually not much fun. The battle of Star Trek Timelines is done by consign several crew members to battle stations, wait for the cooldown timers to activate their skills. It mostly lets you sit back and watch the progress. There is less feeling of involvement during the battle.

Star Trek Timelines Drawbacks

There are too many unexplained game systems in the overall game. Players might confuse how the decisions they make during Episodes can help one faction to win in a dispute. It is also unknown the function of scans and why completing faction missions need them. Players also cannot join fleets with other players though they can see them orbiting certain planets. It is hard for new players to discover these questions. The best things they can do is playing the Star Trek Timelines game and enjoy controlling characters they can only see in the films.

Clash Royale Hack Gems Unlimited


Clash Royale hack gameplay

Clash Royale hack gems will give you loads of offers that the official game cannot provide for free. What do I mean by that kind of sentence? Indeed, in the game of Clash Royale all players are able to have gems but apparently they have to pay the premium facility to be able to get the gems. That is not the only problem because buying some small number of gems will cost a heaven and when you want to skip all the waiting, it requires lots of gems which are going to be costly. Can you even afford that only for playing game?

Clash Royale Hack Gems for Unlimited Numbers

Clash Royale cheat trick contains a lot of information that might be your handful information related to the game of Clash Royale. What kind of information contained there? Is it that important which makes a lot of people are willing to do everything to know exactly about its steps? Of course, it is very essential and accurate for the people to try. It would be such a waste to let this chance goes away without having the importance to try it once.

Clash Royale hack gems has the additional features that the people can take the benefits from it. It does not only about the facilities that all the players will get through the application of the hack tool but it also it emphasizes all the additional bonuses that people can have like the unlimited gems, never ending coins, and other countless new cards.

Clash Royale Hack Gems Working System

Most of the people will obviously ask about the working system of this hack tool will run whether it takes premium account or not, free sign up that is linked to the email or not, several post shares through your social media or not, and so on. They are too afraid of believing everything as they might have been disappointed for so long. The Clash Royale hack gems can be the one that proves you that it does not give the fake results.

The first step of cheating the gems and coin is still the same. You need to have a visit to certain web that gives the trusted link of the hack gems for Clash Royale. Then enter your account to be easily linked while the process has been finished. Then the numbers of both gems and coins that you have filled in will be directly transferred into your account as well as the new features in Clash Royale hack gems.

Battleheart Legacy Tricks And Tactics To Win Easily

Here are the Battleheart Legacy Tricks and tips if you have been playing for a while and there seems no way out. The game can be a bit overwhelming due to mass of skills, stats, accessories, and weapons giving you no idea how to make a powerful and durable character. In the game, the perfect character could the one who can do both melee and long ranged attacks not just creating the one that can only one type of attack. You will help you to be able to survive for as long as you can in the arena mode with this combination. The ability to combine skills that ideal for both attack ranges is the plus of Battleheart Legacy.

Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy Tricks To Choose Character

Consider to perform all quests to let you unlock all the playable characters. Make sure you do to kill them and give help and request for something in return. For example, you will be able to unlock the ninja class by helping a member of the ninja clan Eliza and then ask her to teach you in return. You may also unlock the Witch but it is on the bad side characters that you should not pick. Another Battleheart Legacy Tricks is you may also need to buy fist weapons if you want to learn the skills for the monk class.

Battleheart Legacy Tricks To Unlock All Skills

Unlocking the Generalist skill by leveling up the Bard class is the Battleheart Legacy Tricks if you want to unlock most of the skills available faster. You will be able to unlock the other skills with a 30% discount on the required stats if you have learnt the Generalist skill. But you have to remember that you need to be very strong enough to level up so it won’t be easy focusing only on the Bard.

Battleheart Legacy Tricks To Grinding

XP-boosting accessories let you get as many hit points as you can by repeating or grinding a certain level.  But remember to choose a low-level boss that is easy enough to defeat repeatedly. The easiest boss could be the one in Ominous Pasture where you can get a lot of XP easily. You should not enter a dungeon that has the equal level with your level. You will be able to survive if you have stronger armor and weapons or have higher level regardless of each location require recommended level to enter. This Battleheart Legacy Tricks is important to avoid losing gold every time you are defeated in the process.

Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Review And Game Details

Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Review will feature an expansion of the game that was released in 1998. Developed by Beamdog, you will be taken to the legendary game 17 years ago and see some small caveats. This fabled role playing game will be longer in the term of the length. It is best you play that first some level to get the knowledge of Baldur’s Gate. Though there was sequel Baldur’s Gate II, the Siege Of Dragonspear will add some features to the first game.

Baldur's Gate Siege of Dragonspear


Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Review To Combat And Health Systems

The game can be really hard to play. The new To Hit Armor Class 0 engine is uncomfortable leading to complicatedness in every combat encounter due to combat and a health system. This is the common problems with the old Infinity Engine games unlike Pillars of Eternity, the divine successor of Baldur’s Gate, which was designed with better engine. You will be taken straight into a new chapter intro and cinematic if you finish Baldur’s Gate. There is no Sarevok fight scene. But, your old Enhanced Edition saves can be imported to see cinematic for Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Review.

Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Review For The Connection

This Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Review finds out that this expansion will tell the missing link between the base game and the sequel. The first series ends as you defeat Sarevok while the sequel begins with you starts in a dungeon. This expansion will tell you what happen in between which takes the maker twenty years to think of. You will start Siege of Dragonspear with you tracking the rest of Sarevok’s men. You will be separated from your party members during missions after defeating the last Sarevok’s army. You will be granted their gear into the chest in your bedroom as they depart. New enemy appear know as the Shining Lady who tries to kill you as her army march toward Dragonspear Castle.

Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Review About Combat

You will need to gather your previous party together to fight this new enemy. The same feeling to combat from the 1998 is carried over. You will go into two major battles in the expansion where each side consist around thirty NPCs. your own characters is highlighted thanks to a new graphics toggle that help them stand out in the scene. The expansion is built out using the same engine and advantage that makes Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear Review feels the same with base Baldur’s Gate.