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Pokemon Go – Discover Pokemons in Real World!

Pokemon GO android and IOS

You guys know the game Pokemon Go that has gone viral, right? It’s what people talked about mostly though it has died down quite a bit. Well, you must have heard of the certain game unless you had been living under the rock. The particular game is the reason why people suddenly go out in the first place – it’s because of none other than Pokemon Go. The positive side is, you get to go out and get some fresh air but, with your stuck to the screen, you can bump into something! It’s best to avoid those kinds of situations. Yes, that’s why so many memes have been created and the reasons why the game is so popular. It’s an interesting game and it feels very rewarding to catch those little pokemons, right? Well, in turn, it’s very, very frustrating when you didn’t manage to catch it.

Pokemon Go Information

Pokemon Go is released in July 6, 2016 with the genre of Real World Adventure – hence the reason why it requires walking to the specific destination to get the pokemon. The platform of the Pokemon Go is iPhone and Android devices which make it easier if you want to go somewhere while playing it and when playing Pokemon Go, you will need a GPS feature which most Androids and iPhones have. The numbers of players vary and are not limited to a single player only. You can play multiplayers as well – together is more fun, right? But we have something more fun for you about using this Pokemon Go Hack For Android and iOS tool is not charged making it the best feature of all.


Pokemon Go – Pros and Cons

Like I’ve said before, Pokemon Go will benefit you since with this new game, you will be going out a lot in order to catch those cute little pokemons. However, it won’t mean much if your eyes are stuck to the screen all the time. Another pro you get while playing this is that, you might realize that the game gathers people and you may feel a sense of belonging as a part of the group. It’s easy to strike a conversation as well – especially if you were looking for someone special to date. But, sometimes, Pokemon Go can lead people to inappropriate areas and perhaps, you didn’t care because there’s a pokemon so, it doesn’t matter! Perhaps, some of you don’t realize it until you arrived at the place. Well, be respectful and aware of your own surroundings – this is for your safety! Also, beware of criminals because distracted person can be a target. Just make sure to be always aware and respectful when playing Pokemon Go, okay?