Monthly Archive: October 2016

How to Make Video Game


The development of game has been gained for a couple of years now, and it looks like many people like to make a video game. There is a couple of tools and support in order to help you who have no experience to learn how to make game according to your preference. You can learn how to make it yourself if there is no one who is creating what game that you want to play.

Practice and Never Give Up

You have to consider that learning how to develop and design game will spend a lot of time and you have to practice it. The first creation that you made will not look like the game which has been polished to you loves to play. This is not a big deal. You probably create a game which has bug that causes it to break. You have to know how to fix the problem. Prototype is what you are looking for. You are allowed to see how your game works, improve the design and create the foundation which you can build in order to create a full game

Pick the Tools

After you got your idea, it is the perfect time for you to get a simple and manageable game. This is the right time for you to pick the proper tools for you. There are a couple of tools that you can choose. This article is perfect for those of you who do not know how to deal with computer or do not have experience to create a program in your life. Those tools will help you to develop your experience to finish your first prototype. A couple of those tools have been pre-packaged with game examples and one of the perfect methods in order to learn the tool for the development of the game is to play around with them and find out how they work.

Graphics and Sounds

For those of you who are worried about sound, music, assets, and a couple of things that will make you create polished game, you have to calm down a little bit. There are a couple of websites that you can visit in order to solve this problem. OpenGameArt site will handle your art and you can find a couple of music websites such as SoundCloud to get your music scoring. In terms of sound, you can go to Freesound to find a couple of sounds that are suitable for your game.