Monthly Archive: February 2017

Township Tips to Get Maximum Advantages

You may need some Township tips to be followed when you are playing the Township game. Aside from Township hack tool and cheat codes that can be used for ultimate win, these tips can also help you to get the advantages at maximum to experience more enjoyable game. So, let’s straightly go to the tips in the following section.

  • Using extra storage

In Township game, there is extra storage which is free to use. For instance, you could use Market for Extra Storage. The building products and barn space may be the limiting factors. However, you could use the first Township tips by using that Market as your extra storage.

  • Upgrading zoo buildings

The next tips are related to the zoo buildings. In order to boost the attributes, zoo could be upgraded as well. You can go simply to one of zoo buildings you have and then tap arrow button in the bottom corner of the right hand. Immediately, you will see the window which consists of upgrades list.

  • Adding more friends

The other Township tips in this section will give you benefits from your friends. Firstly, you need to add more friends into this game to get more boxes from the Market. The benefit you get is that you will be able to buy products as needed easily. This will help for the needs of your plane, your trains, and customer’s orders. Some other players are also helping friends too by buying some goods from Market. By having more friends, you are going to see their request for help. By filling those requests, you will obtain a clover. You are allowed to play House of Luck when you have obtained five clovers. Besides, your friends will also see your help request as well. This benefit is handy for sending back the plane and train faster.

Township game shows that maximum friends you may get are as much as three hundred friends. However, you could have more friends that you want in Game Center, Windows, or other versions, but some probably will not show all the time on your game. You should also remember to consider about in-game friends you have. Your friends are still able to see you on their game. If there are some invisible friends that help you, automatically they are going to be shown on your tab of recent helpers. Township tips will help you to get more friends in Android. You can firstly send an invitation to them. By using the application, go to Friends icon at bottom left and then click. You are going to see Invite Friends in the bottom and click it. This way you will be able to find another player.