Monthly Archive: March 2017

Star Trek: Bridge Crew and the Delay

How does Star Trek: Bridge Crew sound to you? If you are a Trekkie and you are into the movie series so much, you will be excited with the news about the release. Unfortunately, the release will be delayed up to March 2017 instead of the original plan on the 29th of November 2016. But the delay isn’t a big thing. The developer said that there is nothing major about the delay. They only want to get a better preparation so there won’t be any complaint or problem after the release.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew and the Development

This Star Trek: Bridge Crew game is developed by Ubisoft and when we are talking about Ubisoft, you don’t need to question the quality of the game, do you? Everyone knows Ubisoft – including the non gamer individuals. And the idea of being able to command your own Star Trek ship is definitely exciting – at least for loyal and hardcore Trekkies.


In the game, this Star Trek: Bridge Crew idea to experience four different positions. You have to play the game as the engineer, the pilot, the captain, or the person responsible for the weapon. You also need to work together with your friends in the team to complete the mission. For now, the game is only available for the PS4 and the PC. But if you are lucky, the game will soon be available for other gaming consoles and platforms. Hopefully, Ubisoft is thinking about developing it.


As for the delay itself, Ubisoft has claimed that the response has been positive and the delay is just their way to make sure that everything has been properly addressed and checked. Yes, there has been some bug issues – the minor ones – and fixing the issues has become their first priority this day. For the real Trekkie gamers, they don’t really mind although they are a bit disappointed with the delay. But if it is for a better purpose (and also better playing game), they don’t really mind.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew and the Plot

Have you ever imagined commanding your own star ship? Well, in this game, you will be responsible for U.S.S Aegis and you need to remember that every decision made will determine the future of your mission and your crew. In this mission, you will have to explore The Trench with its natural beauty. However, the obstacle comes from the Klingon and their Empire. So, how is it going to be? Do you think you will be able to play this Star Trek: Bridge Crew in the most satisfying way?