Attractive New Features On Instagram That Make Sharing More Fun

There are many online services for sharing mobile photo and video either publicly or privately with family and friends only, one of them is instagram. Many online users like to share their photos through instagram. They like to share their photography skills and show it off from their beautiful shots on instagram. Distinctive feature of instagram is the picture to be uploaded has to be a square shape, similar to Polaroid SX-70 images. Just like many other applications, new features on instagram are added to make it easier for the users operating it. The changes are made gradually. The first change of the feature on instagram is to allow the users to upload their photos in any aspect ratio, not confining them anymore to square shape only. Originally the video to be uploaded on instagram is restricted to 30 seconds but now video can be uploaded up to 60 seconds or one minute.

New features on instagram is good idea to keep the current users happy and satisfied as well as to attract other new users. Updating the features on instagram is good to maintain the loyalty of the users and it did succeed to attract many new online users. Some new features on instagram are more filters available for editing photos, new edit features such as; adjust the tilting of photos, level of brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, colour, fade, highlights, shadows, vignette, tilt shift, and sharpen. Moreover, you can also share your story on instastory like in snapchat application, adding some effect and writings to the photo or video. This feature only allows you to share photo or video which is taken within 24 hours from your mobile device camera. The photo or video that you have shared on instastory is available to be seen only for 24 hours after you uploaded it. Once the instastory has passed 24 hours, the posting will be deleted automatically. However, this feature does not have various filter effects like in snapchat application.

Recently, instagram has added a new feature to the instastory. One of new features on instagram is called “boomerang”. Boomerang create a mini video from shoots of 10 photos that could loop back and forth. This new feature allows users to take mini videos using the front and back facing camera. It captures 10 photos immediately when you hold the button then put those pictures together and turned them into a mini video could loop back and forth. The posting from boomerang on instastory is available only for 24 hours.