Top Future Laptop Concept You’ve Never Thought

Future laptop concept is what people waiting for. The laptop itself is really helpful to many people. There are a lot of advantages by having a laptop, it could help people finishing their jobs faster, it could give a lot of information, children could play game in it, and many more. The current laptop is good enough to help people, and how about the future laptop concept? It sure has a lot of amazing features that could help people more.

So here are some of the future laptop concept only for you:

Samsung Amoled

This amoled laptop has a small, thin, unique and elegant design. This laptop is also provided with a touchscreen keyboard and screen and it successfully making its design looks more futuristic.

Vaio Zoom

Vaio is also making an amazing future laptop concept. This laptop is provided with a clear glass screen that will show a holographic looks when its turned on.


The main concept of this laptop is that this laptop have a really good GPS that could lead its users to wherever they want to go accurately. And this laptop is also having a great storage that could keep a lot of photos and videos. This laptop also has a folded screen that could be used as keyboard.


This concept was made by Felix Schmidberger, this laptop has 2 slide touchscreen that give it a futuristic and elegant looks.


Rolltop has an unique shape. It looks like a sushi roll, if you want to use it you need to roll it out, and if you are done using it you could easily roll it back in.

Canvas Laptop

Canvas is laptop that made especially for designer. The design of this laptop is really a perfect suit for designer. It is really thin, and also provided with big and thin touchscreen.

That are some of the future laptops concept that people have made. Let’s just hope that these laptop would not only become a concept but will become reality. Because since laptop is one of the most important equipment that people need, it is really good to know that the laptop industries are starting to make a future laptop that completed with a lot of new features, looks and also with the newest technology. Hope this article could help you in finding more information about the future laptop concept.