Game Guide is one of the most addictive and simplest games on the mobile devices and internet that are available nowadays. For those of you who do not know about this game yet, or maybe you have heard this game from your friends, this article will give you guide for beginners about the everything that you have to know about the game such as how to play. is new mobile game which is very addictive that combines the snake classic game with a couple of factors form the well-known Agario mobile and web browser. At this amazing game you are snake rather than a blob and the purpose of this game is become the longest and biggest snake in this game.

How to Play

It is very simple to play First of all you just have to visit the web address of on your desktop computer or you can also download the game from the Google Play Store or Apple on your mobile devices. After that you have to choose your user name. After you sign in, you will be on the black board as a tiny worm. The dots should be consumed that is lying around in order to become a longer snake, while preventing other snakes. It is different from Agario because the snake size in does not give you an advantage. The real fact is that you can be killed by any size of any snake. They will give you head butt or eat any part of you. You will turn into a huge coloured dots line which can be gobbled up by other snakes, if you run into them. It is simple to move the snake in this game. For those of you who are using computers of laptop, you just have to hold down the right or left arrows in order to navigate around. For those of you who are using mobile, you just have to tap your finger if you are in the direction that you want to reach.

In order to get a couple of skins in this game, you just have to log into the desktop model of this game and you will find options for sharing on the social media on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. After you share it, you have to go back to the and you can find the option to Change skin in the lower left-hand corner.